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Blenheim Motorhome Rentals

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Blenheim is the original home of NZ Motorhome Rentals and where our website was first established in 2002 before we expanded to the rest of New Zealand. Blenheim lies in the heart of the Marlborough region. 

Blenheim is a must see destination for your South Island kiwi adventure – with high sunshine hours and world class viticulture there is plenty to see and do from your home away from home on wheels. Search for your dream motorhome rental, compare the price to find the best deal, book and save with NZ Motorhome Rentals – the best price guaranteed!

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Motorhome Rental Blenheim

Blenheim has fast become a go to destination for campervan hire in New Zealand. Situated 29 kilometres south of Picton on the beautiful Wairau Plains, featuring rolling hills dressed with grapevines, plenty of sunshine hours, and a long list of exciting activities taking place on the calendar all year around Blenheim has become a prime destination for all food and wine loving campervan renters from all over the globe. 

We offer a wide range of campervan pick up and drop off options (please make your selection using our market leading search tool). Pick up your rental motorhome in an alternative New Zealand city (or town) and make your way south, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs to make your kiwi odyssey a breeze!

Blenheim Itinerary

Blenheim features a plethora of exciting and enriching activities to take part in, not the least of which is enjoying the stunning wine and viticulture that the region has to offer. We recommend parking your NZ Motorhome Rentals booked campervan at one of the many available and fully equipped local campgrounds and venturing out into the region for a day of historic and culinary excitement. 

With so much to see and do in the Marlborough, we recommend setting aside at least one week to travel this stunning area of New Zealand in your motorhome rental. Below we suggest some events, locations and must see and do activities in Blenheim and the greater Marlborough region!

Day 1

Begin your day at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. This incredible museum houses the personal collection of original and replica Great War era fighter planes set amongst lifelike sets. The collection of classic fighter planes is owned by the internationally recognised Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson. This is an incredible spot to park your NZ Motorhome Rentals campervan rental and immerse yourself in world history.

Then travel around the local area to find your first winery to start the wine flavour and quality exploration that the region is famous for. The good folks at Bubbly Grape Vineyard have got you covered with their tasting tour. Marlborough wine tours is also worth contacting if you have a specific flavour group in mind. There are many places for you to stop your campervan. Drinking and driving is not permitted in New Zealand, so we at NZ Motorhome Rentals encourage either electing a member of your party the designated campervan rental driver or parking up your campervan rental at one of the many local fully equipped camp grounds and either enjoying the vineyards with a guided tour or even on the back of bikes! 

    Day 2

    Get out there on day two of your motorhome tour of Blenheim and head off on a tour of the incredible Molesworth Station. Molesworth Station is a brilliant experience for NZ Motorhome Rentals customers making their way around the South Island of New Zealand in a hire campervan. Molesworth Station is located in land behind the Kaikoura Mountain Range and is one of New Zealand’s most significant operational high country stations. This time of year the snows are melting – access is limited and always check the Department of Conservation website before you go to ensure you and your campervan hire companions stay safe.  

    We recommend doing a cycling tour if those in your party are up to it or hire a 4X4 and get amongst it! Three are regularly tours departing from Blenheim that include your transport to and from Molesworth Station. To get to Molesworth Station in your campervan will take approximately 2 hours across a total of approximately 125 kilometres (78 miles) of scenic road through the beautiful South Island. Take your time and remember to keep right! 

      Day 3

      Take a day trip over to Nelson on your third day in the saddle of your motorhome. Nelson is located 114 kilometres (71 miles) from Blenheim, features New Zealand’s highest number of sunshine hours and is home to a number of beautiful beaches, stunning National Parks, a multitude of funky cafes and, of course, spectacular viticulture.

      Drive your hire campervan into Nelson town and visit the Suter Art Gallery and then take your campervan on to absorb all the sensory delights that the Saturday Market has to offer. We at NZ Motorhome Rentals advise driving your campervan through to Motueka and spend some time exploring the township, journey with your campers through to Takaka and explore the Ngarua Caves whilst making your way through to Marahau.

      Marahau the gateway of the south to the world famous Abel Tasman National Park. Guided tours are available for you to explore on foot, in kayaks or on bikes – NZ Motorhome Rentals recommend you check the Department of Conservation website for further direction on how to explore on your terms with a hire campervan. 

        Day 4

        Spend today in the spectacular  Marlborough Sounds. We recommend the guided tours by boat as one of the most stunning ways to see what is one of the most pristine environments on Earth. The Marlborough Tour Company are fantastic providers and very smooth operators departing from Blenheim on tours of the area daily. Let the fine people at the Marlborough Tour Company wine and dine you whilst you enjoy all the delights of this iconic area of New Zealand (also handy to vast number of fully equipped camp grounds). 

        A second option is for you to make your way through to Picton, only a 25 minute drive from Blenheim – only 28 kilometres (18 miles)! We recommend checking out the Queen Charlotte Sounds Tours departing daily from the area – many tours feature walking or the use of sea kayaks so do ensure that the people in your group are of a moderate fitness level to ensure that the activities are enjoyable! 

          Day 5

          It is day 5 and you are heading an hour and a half south through to Kaikoura. Located a scenic 129 kilometre (81 miles) drive in your rental campervan from Blenheim. Kaikoura is the whale watching capital of New Zealand, with abundant and spectacular sea life attracting people from all over the world.

          Do you love dolphins? We at NZ Motorhome Rentals do and you will see plenty of them in Kaikoura! Including the beautiful (and endangered) Hector’s Dolphin. We recommend visiting both the dolphins and the incredible Albatross Colony. Albatross Encounter offer a particularly stunning experience – the opportunity to enter into the world of these beautiful and enormous creatures with only a 15 minute boat ride off shore to the colony. Tours with Albatross Encounter are limited to a maximum of 13 people.

          Blenheim is a great location handy to set out from when heading further south towards ChristchurchQueenstown and the West Coast of the South Island in your motorhome rental.

          ‘Waiharakeke’ – Blenheim in Maori

          Maori name for Blenheim is “Waiharakeke.” “Wai” means “water” in Maori, and “harakeke” refers to the New Zealand flax plant (Phormium tenax). Therefore, “Waiharakeke” can be interpreted as “water of the flax plant” or “flax plant water.”

          Motorhome Rental in New Zealand – Driving Top Tips

          New Zealand is home to a number of incredible roads providing an array of beautiful scenery that are maintained to a high standard. Our New Zealand Police are responsible for the enforcement of the road rules for the safety of the general public and road users – they take their jobs very seriously to ensure New Zealand roads are safe for all users. 

          NZ Motorhome Rentals recommend doing all of the following before embarking out on New Zealand roads in your campervan:

          • Read the road code: understand the clear expectations set out in the document to ensure the safety of your friends and whanau (whanau, pronounced ‘pha-no’, meaning Maori for family);
          • Drive on the left hand side of the road (the centre line should always be on the righthand side of the driver) and wear seat belts at all times;
          • Slow down: slow down, take it easy and actively monitor your speed as you make your way from place to place, there is a zero tolerance for speeding and endangering others on the roads in New Zealand;
          • Stick to recommended speed indicators: most corners on New Zealand feature large orange recommended speeds for the particular corner, stick to the recommended speed;
          • Regularly use your mirrors to check what’s going on behind you: if you notice a number of cars starting to build up behind your campervan, find the next safest spot to pull over and let the traffic pass, you’ll make everyones day! 

          If you require additional information whilst out on the road and want to speak to a human then there are a number of iSite information centres located all over New Zealand. Visit one of these centres and the friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

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