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Rotorua Motorhome Rentals

Welcome to NZ Motorhome Rentals Rotorua – Rotorua is a spectacular central North Island town with a strong Maori cultural presence with a rich history of the Maori people on the land and incredible geothermal activity (we’re talking pools of bubbling mud next to city streets and the (at times) pungent smell of sulphur!). 

Rotorua maintains a year round average population of 72,000 people and is a positively stunning New Zealand city with deep historical roots. Rotorua is a great place to see by motorhome rental on your terms and is close to a number of iconic New Zealand locations, such as the Tongariro National Park as well as the twin blue and green lakes. Only 230 kilometres (178 miles) from Auckland and a mere 110 kilometres (69 miles) from the beautiful city of Hamilton, your campervan rental from NZ Motorhome Rentals will take you wherever to your hearts desire on the stunning scenic roads that weave their way throughout the region.

Affectionately known to locals as Rotovegas the city has developed considerably over the last 30 years and benefits greatly from a bustling tourism trade all year round. With an emphasis on adventure your motorhome rental is the prime mode of transport to get you to stunning locations all around the area. From mountain biking in the local forests, windsurfing on the lake, powerful Maori cultural experiences, kayaking on the lake, and finding secluded natural rivers of warm water produced by geothermal activity Rotorua is a truly magical place to explore from the comfort of your motorhome rental.

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Where to go in your Rotorua Motorhome Rental

Rotorua, is a beautiful city located next to the Lake of its namesake in New Zealand’s North Island. The city of Rotorua is internationally renowned for the constant geothermal activity taking place all over the city wowwing tourists from all over the world and emphasis on the Maori culture and roots in the area. Located at Te Puia’s Whakarewarewa Valley, you will find bubbling pools of mud and the famous Pohutu Geyser that erupts multiple times every day shooting water over 30 metres into the air from deep in the earth below. Rotorua is home also to a Maori village and the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute. Featured and highly recommended activities to undertake whilst on your New Zealand motorhome adventure are the traditional Maori arts of wood carving and weaving.


Itinerary ideas from NZ Motorhome Rentals

We at NZ Motorhome Rentals take immense pride in the wonders that present in our very own backyard. We have searched the internet high and we have searched the internet low to find for you some of the most exciting adventures and experiences for you to undertake on your once in a lifetime campervan based exploration of New Zealand. 

Rotorua is central to a number of other destinations all over the North Island including the most populated city of Auckland, so despite being a being a destination city, you certainly won’t run out of things to do here in Rotorua or places to visit afterward (if you ever want to leave of course!).

Mountain Biking

The Whakarewarewa Forest is a dream destination for mountain bikers all over the world and features a large number of diverse and expertly crafted mountain bike tracks that weave all over the area. 

The mountain bike tracks that have become famous the world over are expertly crafted for every level of skill present in your party, from the absolute novice level punter to the action movie stunt quality expert who most of us aspire to be like (or are just contented with watching whilst they tail flick over 4 metres up over the dirt). Trails in the forest are very well signposted making it easy to ride for hours without crossing the same path and finding your way out again. Care has been taken to set out the duration and level of difficulty of each trail in a clearly visible way at the beginning and throughout the forest to assist you to in selecting a track appropriate to your riding ability.  

Rotorua is serves as home to several international mountain biking events held in the city throughout the course of the year, including the popular and proudly community centred Rotorua Bike Festival right through to Rotorua being the first stop on the Crankworx World Tour – as much a stunning showing of showmanship in aerial performance and downhill proficiency as it is a mountain biking competition. Bike racks are available to motorhome renters if you’d like to craft your adventure more around the dirt tracks spread throughout the North Island (maybe even consider the Rail Trail in the South Island if you’ve got the time year right!).



A geothermal landscape makes Rotorua an incredibly powerful and beautiful place to visit, coupled with the world class scenery present only in New Zealand and with an array of wildlife (much which is only present in this part of the world). Rotorua has no shortage of enormous waterfalls and bubbling hot mud pools, Rotorua’s strong focus on conservation of the land educated new visitors and learns them of many locations where best to experience quality and sustainable interactions with New Zealand’s rare and native flora and fauna.

There are a number of highly endangered bird populations located in Rotorua. For example, the North Island Kokako and Black-billed gull (Tarapuka) both located at the Sulphur Bay Wildlife Refuge. Rotorua offers a Natural Heritage Trail brochure to guide you on a tour of the shores of Lake Rotorua. It is a wonder to behold how the local wildlife have adapted over millions of years to the intense and sulphurous environment.

We recommend taking a guided Rotorua eco-tour to see and hear tales direct from the locals. There are trekking and hiking options available. Otherwise make your eco-tour a little more epic by white water rafting or ziplining between redwood trees. Eco-tours are a spectacular way to learn of the local area, the ecological efforts underway to protect the wildlife and legends of the people who have lived on the land for centuries. 

Maori Culture

With an incredibly rich and proud cultural history, Rotorua is regarded as the original home of ‘Maoridom’ and the perfect place to learn and experience this truly special culture. Immerse yourself in a performance of a Haka and move straight to eating a traditional Maori meal called a hangi straight out of a pit in the steaming ground. Rotorua truly is the place for motorhome renters to explore and enjoy the Maori culture. 

You can even go on a tour of a real Maori village, explore Lake Rotorua whilst paddling a traditionally carved boat (called a Waka), and enjoy the expression of Te Reo Maori, the language of the people, through their incredible song.

From cultural performance, to tattoo artists, to historically significant buildings and carvings that have stood in the area for centuries. From adventure activities like fast paced downhill mountain biking tracks, to more calming spiritual journeys and eco-tours Rotorua has everything a visiting motorhome renter could possibly want.

‘Rotorua’ – meaning

“Rotorua” is derived from the Māori language and has a couple of possible meanings. The most commonly accepted interpretation is that “Roto” means “lake” and “rua” means “two” or “second.” Therefore, Rotorua is often translated as “Second Lake” or “Two Lakes.” This name is fitting as the city of Rotorua is situated on the shores of Lake Rotorua and is surrounded by numerous other lakes in the region.

Another interpretation suggests that “Roto” could mean “heart” or “center,” and “rua” might refer to “two” or “muddy.” In this context, Rotorua could be translated as “Second Heart” or “Two Muddy Waters.” This interpretation reflects the geothermal nature of the area, with its bubbling mud pools and hot springs.

Both interpretations highlight the significance of the lakes and geothermal activity that Rotorua is known for in Māori culture and tourism.


If you are still wondering what else one might get upto whilst visiting Rotorua in their motorhome or still sitting on the fence as to whether to visit at all (which we would find utterly astounding!) then check out for more details and craft your own adventure – after all, you’re touring New Zealand in all the style and comfort afforded by your very own motorhome rental, make a list and do it all on your own terms!


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