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Dunedin Motorhome Rentals

Welcome to Dunedin, once hailed as the new Edinburgh of the Southern Hemisphere, Dunedin is a spectacular destination to explore on your terms with a motorhome rental from NZ Motorhome Rentals. Dunedin is a booming Southern city and university town featuring one of the most architecturally beautiful university campus’s in New Zealand – Dunedin really has it all when it comes to must see places on your campervan vacation in New Zealand.

We offer flexible pick up and drop off for South Island campervan explorers. For example, pick up your campervan hire in Christchurch (or even from one of New Zealand’s Northern pick up points), travel to Dunedin and drop off your campervan rental at Dunedin International Airport to your selected supplier on your departure. Simply select your preferences for dates and pick up and drop off locations at the booking window.

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Welcome to NZ Motorhome Rentals Dunedin

Begin your Kiwi odyssey by exploring New Zealand’s oldest city, Dunedin. Dunedin is home to an incredible art and cultural scene, with a unique blend of the Scottish and Maori cultures nestled in at the harbour side. Dunedin is a stunning gateway to the beautiful Central Otago region sporting wine and exceptional food. Dunedin is also the perfect spot for you to enjoy an epic adventure through to Christchurch and Queenstown. On the way you’ll cross stunning rough highland areas, the beautiful rugged coastline of the South Island and a number of iconic towns and landmarks.

Dunedin is the South Island’s second largest city by population after Christchurch and is the largest centre in the Otago region. The harbour side city of Dunedin is a crown jewel of the Otago Region and stretches out into the Otago Peninsula with spectacular surf beaches and stunning views from cliff tops, there is so much to love in Dunedin. Dunedin has a rich history in New Zealand having become one of the most populated locations in New Zealand during the central Otago gold rush of the mid-1860s. There are many campervan friendly parks and seaside areas to explore and soak up the incredible deep south of New Zealand.

The local Dunedin economy is diverse and the landscape stunning – explore and enjoy your adventure by booking your motorhome hire with NZ Motorhome Rentals. Dunedin is approximately three and a half hours drive from the beautiful Central Otago region. Explore the coastline and find wildlife galore – seals and even a royal albatross colony reside by the ocean at the end of the Otago Peninsula. With a number of well equipped camp grounds to park your campervan hire from NZ Motorhome Rentals, Dunedin serves as an exceptional base from which to explore the surrounding landscape in the deep south. Pick up your 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6+ berth campervan from Dunedin International Airport located approximately 22 kilometres (approximately 14 miles) from the city and head into town.

Itinerary ideas

Looking for inspiration for your Dunedin campervan adventure? Look no further than NZ Motorhome Rentals itinerary campervan trip ideas. Travel the south island of New Zealand in style with your campervan rental from NZ Motorhome Rentals. With so much to see and thousands of kilometres to cover we recommend the following destinations and iconic places for you to add to your South Island motorhome trip itinerary. 

Toitū Otago Settlers Museum

Toitū Otago Settlers Museum is a stunning museum located next to the iconic Dunedin Markets dedicated to recording the social history of the people of Dunedin and those people who live in the greater Otago Region, whose character, culture, technology, art, fashion and transport over a number of  New Zealand’s first great city.

The Toitū Otago Settlers Museum contains 14 individually themed galleries with a number of displays for the people interact with and fascinating stories that describe the region’s rich human history, all the way back from the first settlers to arrive in Dunedin to the present day citizens of this beautiful city. The site also features a genealogy centre for those fascinated with the genetic history of the area.

    Larnach Castle

    Perched at the top of the Otago Peninsula sits Larnach Castle styled very in the vain of the castles of old dotted all over Europe. Larnach Castle is the one and only very famous castle in New Zealand – we were a little deprived of castles when they were handing them out at the turn of the 19th century. Larnach Castle was constructed in 1871, join a tour of the famous Dunedin landmark and learn the true story that will spark your interest in all things Victorian.

    William Larnach was a politician for whom the castle was built. William’s life was a tragic one. Both of wives died at 38 years old, the first following a stroke, and the second claimed by blood poisoning.  William’s daughter died of typhoid at 21. William then discovered his son was having an affair with his third life and so William in despair took his own life. The castle was a psychiatric hospital during World Wars One and Two, and has now become a stunning place to explore.

    The Barker Family restored the castle and the spectacular grounds and now offer a one hour long grand tour, a luxury accommodation option, and two restaurants – known as The Ballroom Cafe, in the historic ballroom, and alternatively an outdoor cafe.

      Royal Albatross Centre

      The Royal Albatross Centre offers visitors the ability to see the gigantic and beautiful Royal Albatross in its natural habitat nesting, flying and fishing in its natural habitat on the Otago Peninsula. Visit these beautiful birds after they have completed their journey across the sea flying thousands of kilometres to nest in New Zealand. 

      The Albatross living at Harrington Point, Dunedin, are the only mainland breeding colony in the entire world. The Royal Albatross Centre is operated by the Otago Peninsula Trust, New Zealand’s first private charitable conservation trust. Know that a proportion of every ticket sold goes directly towards the care and protection of the Northern Royal Albatross. The Royal Albatross Centre also offer a Blue Penguin Tour which is sure to bring a smile to the faces of everyone in your group.

        Purakaunui Bay

        Purakaunui Bay was a film location for the worldwide smash hit The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

        At Purakaunui Bay you will enjoy a wonderful place to swim when the surf isn’t pumping and an incredible surf spot when the conditions are on. For those who prefer a more relaxed adventure style, there’s a natural hot spring which flows through the sand at the beach. You can dig a hole and enjoy your very own small natural spa pool right on the beach. Purakaunui Bay is 16 kilometres (approximately 10 miles) from Owaka, the closest town, and there are plenty of camping options available with Department of Conservation sites spread around the area. Every now again an adult Lion Seal makes its way on to the shore so be sure to stay sharp!

        Brighton Beach

        Brighton Beach is a beautiful beach located a few kilometres south of Dunedin. 

        20km to the south west of Dunedin, Brighton is a little town located by the seaside, and adjacent to the Southern Scenic Route within the city limits of Dunedin. The proximity makes this area popular with the locals and visitors for day trips from Dunedin. During peak times of year there is an active Surf-Lifesaving beach patrol – always make sure you check the ocean conditions before getting in, swim with a buddy and stay out of the water if you lack the competence to swim in the surf – the ocean is unpredictable and must be respected.

        Brighton also features a motor camp that offers boats for hire which you can use to row up stream. There are also several popular art galleries featuring works from a number of renowned local artists. Settling into the Dunedin is easy in your motorhome rental and offers you the freedom to enjoy it all.


        “Ōtepoti” is the Maori name for Dunedin, a town in New Zealand. It has a historical meaning that translates to “place of the poti (a ceremonial obsidian stone).” The name refers to a sacred stone that was believed to have protective powers and was used in traditional Maori rituals. The name “Ōtepoti” reflects the cultural significance and history of the area.

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