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Tauranga Motorhome Rentals

Welcome to NZ Motorhome Rentals Tauranga – located on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Tauranga is a favourite destination for New Zealanders and international guests alike. With the summit of Mount being one of the most instagrammed destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, rest assured knowing that when you drive your motorhome rental to the stunning beaches of Tauranga that there will more than enough to see and do for your stay at this beach side paradise.

Tauranga is a harbour city located in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region. Tauranga is an economic powerhouse for the New Zealand economy and plays host to a multitude of historically significant structures like that of Elms Mission Station (a Georgian-style homestead built in 1847). The harbour bridge connects Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, the beach town with world famous in New Zealand saltwater hot pools and named after an extinct volcano with featuring paths leading to the summit.

NZ Motorhome Rentals was established in Blenheim in 2002. Since our founding in the picturesque New Zealand town of Blenheim we have grown and are now proud to provide motorhome price comparison and booking services to local and international customers covering the whole of New Zealand. We offer a best price guarantee on campervan rental in the North and South Islands of New Zealand with flexible pick up and drop off options on 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6+ berth motorhomes. So come in, take a load off, and find your hotel on wheels to see first hand New Zealand’s beauty on your own terms.

Motorhome Rentals Tauranga

Tauranga is a key destination for local and international motorhome renting guests. The city of Tauranga has seen significant growth over the last two decades (some might say too much growth) and as a result has become a bustling seaside metropolis featuring some of New Zealand’s best surf and sun resembling a miniature version of the Goldcoast of Australia. Tauranga features several fully equipped campgrounds to reside at during your time in your motorhome rental from one of over 34 different local and international motorhome suppliers to compare and choose from at NZ Motorhome Rentals. There really is something for everyone in the beautiful seaside city of Tauranga. 


Lying a short flight or boat ride offshore from Tauranga is the active volcano White Island, an incredible natural wonder well worth the trip out.Tauranga is a destination at the top of the surfers amongst us. With world class beaches, some of the most spectacular views from the summit of the Mount and a prominent restaurant and cafe bar scene, Tauranga is a brilliant destination for motorhome renters the world over.

Mount Maunganui is a crown jewel of the coast line featuring relatively flat walkways wrapping around the base of the Maunga and an asphalt path leading to the summit. The route up is fairly steep and requires a moderate level of fitness for the average and intrepid motorhome occupant to conquer – so be confident and check in with your mates before you head up. Park your motorhome rental nearby and summit the mountain to see the beautiful views of New Zealand’s coastline.

Tauranga is situated in the golden triangle between Hamilton and Auckland. Over the last 20 years the local economy has boomed resulting in a swelling population and huge commitment of resources to the development of the region – this development also includes a multitude of campervan friendly parks and recreational areas. Enjoy all that Tauranga has to offer on your own terms from the comfort of a New Zealand campervan rental.

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Our top NZ Motorhome Rentals certified itinerary ideas from Tauranga


Activity Ideas

Tauranga features a number of activities to participate in – we recommend spending a day at the seaside, taking a surf lesson (Mojo Surf School isn’t half bad) and summiting Mount Maunganui to get your team started! From the comfort of your campervan pick and choose from an eclectic list of events that take place around Tauranga all year long!

One of New Zealand’s most popular and visually striking beaches is Mt Maunganui. The stunning pale sands that wrap around the Mount attract visitors all year round. You’ll find plenty to do at the Mount from your motorhome house on wheels with volleyball on the beach and dolphins enjoying the surf next to board riders from all over. Only 15 minutes by motorhome to Mt Maunganui from Tauranga, it is well worth the drive. 

Moturiki Island is only a short walk off shore from the local beach. We recommend visting the Blow Hole at the point closest to the ocean. When the sea is rough you’ll see water jettisoned several meters into the air. At the summit of Mount Maunganui you’ll see first hand the beauty of the area with a 360 panoramic view of the surrounding beaches, cityscape and waterways. The summit climb is very easy going and suitable for people of base level fitness at least.

Down by Kaiate Falls you’ll find some stunning natural swimming pools to take a dip in or wander into the dream land of the falls. McLaren falls are a mere 10 minute drive away by campervan. These spots are really special and iconic spots to visit on your Tauranga motorhome escape. The Bay of Plenty is stacked with activities to enjoy all year round including diving, fishing, boating, surfing, sunbathing and trekking through nature. There are also plenty of guided tours and charters available for motorhome enthusiasts to experience the area as a local.

Road trips abound - WHAKATANE

Whakatane is a stone’s throw away from Tauranga making it a great destination for a motorhome day drip (or stay the night perhaps – you’re in your very own motorhome rental, do whatever you want). The roads that meanader south towards Ohope beach are a particularly amazing 11 kilometre winding runway of white sand beaches and crystal clear sapphire ocean waters. A word to the wise – the spot known as the West End is a go to for the local surfer population. If it is fishing that gets you going, then Ohiwa Harbour is sheltered and bountiful spot to engage in some good old fashioned line sports. 


There are also the crowd favourites of course which include water-skiing, getting amongst it in sail boats, paddling your arms off in a kayak and harnessing natures power windsurfing.

Te Puke

As you come to Whakatane, you can’t help but shoot through Te Puke, which happens to be New Zealand’s kiwifruit capital. As mentioned earlier, please do arrange to go and see the incredible White Island – yes it is a scary active volcano but wow is it unreal! 

Heading North

If you’re making your way northward in your motorhome rental then you will have a front row seat to New Zealand’s absolutely exceptional coast – the beaches are incredible, imagine driving your campervan rental, windows down, sun dipping below the horizon drenching the white sand beaches and sparkling ocean in golden light. That will be you. Yes we’re serious.

Look out on your drive for some of the stunning beaches and walks that are located all along the way. There are many swimming holes around the place to dip into on the warm summer days. Alternatively, have a look around for the very popular Cathedral Cove. When we say very popular, we really mean it. But fret not! There are many stunning beaches just slightly off the beaten track where you might not see another soul.

Standing on the epic summer favourite, Hahei Beach, you can wander easily to the beach northward. There is a bush walking track with an estimated o ne hour time. This track will take you over the hill, along a cliff top and deposit you down in the Cathedral Cove. The iconic triangular ceiling of the rock is what has made this beach so popular – and believe us it is pretty cool to see. The beach is white sand and surrounded by some very shady and pretty pohutukawa trees which are beautiful when in full flower. To head to the beach you’ll be parking your motorhome rental up at the local carpark so make sure you hide your most treasured possessions out of sight and keep your motorhome locked up. Security and safety are paramount.

An added bonus is the stunning Hot Water beach. Head to Hot Water beach an hour before and after low tide. There you can dig a hole in the sand and marvel as hot water (sometimes genuinely really really hot so look after yourself and children) filters up from the sand below you.

Maori Name

The Māori name for Tauranga, a city in New Zealand, is also “Tauranga.” The name Tauranga is of Māori origin and does not have a separate Māori translation or alternative name. Tauranga means “sheltered anchorage” or “resting place for canoes” and reflects the significance of the harbor in the region.


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