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Taupo Motorhome Rentals

Welcome to NZ Motorhome Rentals Taupo – Taupo is a beautiful city by the lakeside and perfect location for the adrenaline junkies and for those interested in a slightly more relaxed adventure during their time in New Zealand. Taupo is located in the Central North Island and is distinguished by being situated on the lakefront with wide range of exciting outdoor adventure sports featuring a mix of everything from fly fishing to jet-boating! 

Lake Taupo, the source of the mighty Waikato River, is what’s known as a volcanic caldera (a structure formed millions of years ago by the volcano falling in on itself), drains into the very instagramable Huka Falls, resulting in eye-catching sapphire blue cascades of water easily accessible by a network of hiking and cycling tracks. Taupo is surrounded by a number of hot springs such as those located at the Craters of the Moon reserve (see Rotorua also if you’re a fan of bubbling mud!).

Taupo has no shortage of activities to bring a smile to the faces of all those in your motorhome rental party. The city is home to a number of unique experiences, from world class fly fishing on picturesque and utterly pristine rivers through to skydiving from near the cruising altitude of a jet passenger plane. Taupo is the perfect location to wind down (or up if you’re that way inclined), with beautiful vistas 360 degrees around you at all times of year.

There is no limit to what your can achieve on your motorhome rental adventure from a home base in the Central North Island’s Taupo. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline fuelled action packed vacation or an easy-going time away exploring the area at your own pace – Taupo is the perfect spot for motorhome renters to visit and play.

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Motorhome Rental Taupo

Taupo is a must see destination for motorhome renters the world over and is home to extreme sports, relaxation spas and so much more. Taupo is a spectacular place to learn about New Zealand’s rich and diverse cultural history as well as excellent local events taking place all over the area. Taupo is home to a range of artistic events and many must see events on the itinerary for your motorhome rental NZ odyssey.

Journeying to Taupo in your motorhome rental is the best way to explore the central North Island particularly if travelling from the Northern most populated city of Auckland or from the South end of the North Island from the stunning city of Wellington. With so many incredible destinations accessible by car, using your motorhome to reach them is a spectacular way so soak up the sights and sounds of New Zealand’s pristine environment.

NZ Motorhome Rentals Suggested Itinerary Ideas

Sport fishing

Taupo is a world recognised fishing destination and features some epic fishing in the calm of the back-country rivers, the absolutely beautiful and bountiful Tongariro River, many river mouths, and out on Lake Taupo all year round.

We suggest the following providers as options for fishing in the beautiful Taupo:

  • Chris Jolly Outdoors: fishing charters, heli-fishing and raft fishing for all levels of experience and duration of stay. 

  • Pinnacle Charters: offering both fishing out on Lake Taupo or scenic cruises at a calm pace.

  • Fish Taupo: trout fishing, cruising and sightseeing charter boat.

Taupo’s famous boat tours

Taupo’s is defined by the water that flows through and from the city. With the crisp white snows on the local volcanic mountains of the National Park to steam forcing itself from geothermal vents dotted all over the city. The real way to see and experience Taupo’s water obsession is out on the Lake.

 We at NZ Motorhome Rentals recommend you get on board with some of the following water based wonders:

  • Surf the rapids on a ride with Rapid’s Jet, jump on board and take a geothermal tour in a jetboat through secluded native bush covered canyons with a recommended provider, NZ Riverjet, or see the power of the mighty Huka Falls with Hukafalls Jet.

  • Take the afternoon off and chill out on a sail boat out on the Lake. Sail Barbary or Sail Fearless are great trusted providers of sail experiences and cater for those who want to get involved in the operation of the boats and those who are happy to relax and watch the shores pass by in fine form.

  • Cruising: cruise on Lake Taupo to one of New Zealand’s most iconic tourism experiences – the Mine Bay Māori rock carvings.

A geothermal wonderland

Taupo is an incredible producer of geothermal energy and there is no better way to see and soak up the benefits of such incredible natural activity than a deep soak in hot geothermal water piped up from deep beneath the earth to ease your bones from travel in your motorhome rental and getting yourself within the clouds of steam and enjoying the calming sound of active mud pools bubbling away whilst wandering through Taupo’s incredible geothermal walkways.

Some truly special geothermal activity worth stopping for:

  • Visit Orakei Korako. This is the closest that anyone can get to viewing the lost Pink and White Terraces with their iconic and striking candy-coloured hillside. The Pink and White Terraces come alive and feature a number of geysers, steam, coloured pools the colour of gems and the only geothermal cave in New Zealand.

  • Visit the Otumuheke Stream at Spa Thermal Park. Here the hot geothermal water originating from the Otumuheke Stream flows gently off into the Waikato River. The benefit is a free hotspot for weary campervan travellers to rest their bones in the healing natural mineral water.

  • At Taupo Debretts you will find one-of-a-kind thermal hot mineral water pools and a crowd favourite thrilling dragon hydro slide as well as two heated curved racing slides for the adventurous and adrenaline addicted amongst you. Also featured is a children’s warm water playground with an interactive element and some secluded pools for your own slice of paradise.

  • You absolutely have to get to the Craters of the Moon. This geothermal board walk features exceptionally well-formed pathways and a number of lifted platforms for the ultimate view of the geothermal activity below. A particularly interesting aspect of the walk are the native plants that have adapted to living in an arid and harsh environment. 

Family Favourites

Taupo is a favourite and a cornerstone of the fabled traditional Kiwi vacation – nothing beats the sun drenched hours with family and friends playing, discovering and learning the secrets all held by the amazing waters that form a part of Taupo’s ecological system and natural wonder, the native bush and the nearby snow capped mountains.

We suggest the following family friendly events and activities that are guaranteed to please:

  • Getting out on Lake Taupo – be it fishing, swimming, cruising or having a beachside picnic, chilling out in and on the shores of Lake Taupo is an enjoyable pastime and treasured childhood memory for many of the people of New Zealand.

  • Walk one of the many Huka Falls trails – these well crafted trails are ideal for cycling and hiking on the trails that weave their way about the majestic Huka Falls and make their way along both banks of the mighty Waikato River.

  • Catch the big one at the Huka Prawn Park – a fabelled and crowd favourite for children and adults alike, head to the Huka Prawn Park and see with your own eyes the cool and quirky sites of the park. Activities include fishing for prawns and guided tours of the processing facility.

  • Taste the rainbow at the Huka Honey Hive. This provides a special experience for your tastebuds and features plenty of free honey, mead and tastings of liqueur. See the real live beehives, test a multitude of bee related health products, feel the benefits of honey skincare, and, of course, eat real honey ice creams.

‘Taupo’ – Meaning

“Taupo” is a Māori name, with multiple meanings depending on the context. In this case, “Taupo” refers to Lake Taupo, a large lake in the central North Island of New Zealand.

The word “Taupo” is believed to derive from the Māori phrase “taumata-puhanga,” which can be translated as “the high altar of Puhanga.” Puhanga was a Māori chief who, according to legend, was sacrificed and buried in the lake. Over time, the name evolved into “Taupo.”

The meaning of “Taupo” itself is not well-documented, but it is generally thought to carry the significance of “the cloak” or “the covering.” This may reflect the lake’s vastness and the way it encompasses and embraces the land. Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand, and its name represents its cultural and geographical importance to the Māori people.

Still not convinced? Visit for a comprehensive list of all the potential Taupo holds for your motorhome hire holiday with NZ Motorhome Rentals – an enjoyable booking experience and the best price guaranteed. Beware however, after reading, visiting and enjoying Taupo you may never want to leave!

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