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Whitianga Motorhome Rentals

Welcome to NZ Motorhome Rentals Whitianga – come and get a slice of the relaxed coastal lifestyle that Kiwis know and love. Located on the Coromandel Peninsula, on Mercury Bay, the town is home to approximately 5,000 people all year round and swells in the summer. Whitianga is the second most populated place behind Thames. Whitianga is handy to a selection of New Zealand’s finest beaches and warm hearted small towns that scatter the Coromandel Peninsula. 

Whitianga has a raft of fun things to do. The trifecta of Whitianga fun is surfing the epic local breaks, bringing in the big one surf casting off the beach (and the rocks – make sure you either go with an experienced or are very safe when fishing off the rocks) and strolling along the beach. Pace is slower in this part of the world and you will find the residents to be a relaxed bunch who will 9 times out of 10 smile you at in the street. Around the warmer summer months December through to March the population of Whitianga swells with beach goers from all over New Zealand and the world. Whitianga truly has something for everyone. 

A bit about us, NZ Motorhome Rentals was established in Blenheim in 2002. Since our founding in the picturesque New Zealand town of Blenheim we have grown and are now proud to provide motorhome price comparison and booking services to local and international customers covering the whole of New Zealand. We offer a best price guarantee on campervan rental in the North and South Islands of New Zealand with flexible pick up and drop off options on 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6+ berth motorhomes. So come in, take a load off, and find your hotel on wheels to see first hand the beauty of Whitianga and the Coromandel on your own terms.

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Motorhome Rental Whitianga

The real Kiwi summer – Whitianga and the greater Coromandel Peninsula

What makes the Coromandel Peninsula truly special is the multitude of naturally formed coves and the walkways to hidden beaches. The adventurous spirit is cultivated further by exploring the Coromandel in your motorhome rental and seeing where the road takes you. There is no limit to the amazing activities and beautiful sights that await you out on the coast. 

The Pacific Coast Highway is the yellow brick road to many of New Zealand’s most stunning beaches and coves. Northward is Cooks Beach, a town nestled in a protected inlet where the waters are safe to swim in year round and the beaches welcome spots to enjoy fish and chips as the sun dips below the horizon painting the sky all shades of orange and pink. Whitianga is also handy to the popular Cathedral Cove and Hahei Beach. You can really immerse yourself into the area with a snorkle through the marine reserve.

Hot Water Beach is also a very worthwhile experience to soak up while you’re out in the Coromandel. Geothermal activity pushes super heated water up from the depths of the earth below. An hour so before and after low tide you can dig yourself a spa pool right on the beach – don’t panic, you’ll know exactly where to dig, there is nearly always a rather large number of people seeking their own hot water delights in the pools.

State Highway 25 features a number of charming small towns featuring all manner of white sandy beaches and surf breaks for you to enjoy. Whangamata is located a leisurely one hours drive south of Whitianga and is a popular location to enjoy surf culture with an incredible break right on the front door step. Whangamata is a great location to enjoy a classic Kiwi summer experience. You’ll find yourself strolling in and out of cafes and enjoying the local shopping experience while touring in your campervan rental. 

From Whangamata main beach you can walk out to Clarke Island at low tide (make sure you time it right for the walk back – it’s a long night out on the rocks if you don’t!). Coromandel Town is a 30 minute drive from Whitianga and it located right the tip top of the Coromandel Peninsula. However, there are a few gravel roads up that way so do take your time. 

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous take your motorhome rental South to the mighty Waikato where you’ll find Hamilton, Wellington and all the way down to Christchurch for your campervan rental roady.


NZ Motorhome Rentals – safe driving tips

Over the course of the warm sunny summer months in New Zealand, the roads that lead into the Coromandel from Auckland and the greater North Island become overrun with holiday makers all heading to their favourite spot. It is paramount that you slow down, take your time and stay safe on kiwi roads which can become challenging. If you feel nervous operating your motorhome rental on the roads at this time then we recommend that you time your journey for off peak times (often later at night or early in the morning). 

If a line of traffic grows behind you, Kiwis will expect you to pull your campervan to the side of the road to allow the traffic to pass – not only will you feel warm and fuzzy from the toots of thanks from other motorists but the pressure is off once the traffic passes – make your journey a safe one and take it easy!

In New Zealand we have an open road limit of 100km/ph. Speed is often limited to 50km/ph in urban areas. Speed indicator signs are dotted all over the landscape – do stick to them, the terrain and corners can often be more challenging to navigate than they appear.

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‘Whitianga’ – meaning

The name “Whitianga” is derived from the Māori language, the indigenous language of New Zealand.

The word “Whitianga” can be broken down into two parts: “whiti” and “anga.”

“Whiti” can have multiple meanings, but in this context, it commonly refers to “crossing” or “to cross.” It can be associated with crossing over water or traversing from one place to another.

“Anga” means “to lie,” “to settle,” or “to stay.”

Therefore, when combined, “Whitianga” can be interpreted as a place of crossing or a place where one settles or stays after crossing. This name reflects the town’s location on the eastern coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, where the Whitianga Harbour provides a crossing point for water transportation and connects the town to other areas.


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